Private Identity®

Private Identity LLC is a Washington DC-based AI/ML software company that provides secure, accurate and private biometric identity across all major browsers, devices and platforms. The societal good achieved with fully homomorphic encryption is full privacy.

Our underlying technology was developed by a small group of top computer scientists and ML engineers. We converged on a solution to fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) in early 2018 and our first cryptography patent for FHE was granted in September 2019.

Edge Computing

TensorFlow Team

Business Advisory

Richard Fields
Allen & Co

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Intellectual Property


William Leffler RSM US LLP

Key Relationships

“If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”


Mike Pollard

Mike is an entrepreneur experienced in high-growth technology ventures in biometrics, AI/ML, big data and cyber security. Prior to co-founding Private Identity, Mike served as VP and General Manager at Thomson Reuters, Executive VP and co-founder of Discovery Logic, CEO of thinkXML and CEO of Science Management Corp.

Scott Streit

Scott is a highly regarded data scientist focused on cryptography, biometrics, AI/ML and cyber security, Scott currently leads "everything technical" at Private Identity, serves as Chair of Biometric Security for IEEE and chairs the IEEE 2410 Standard for Biometric Open Protocol. Prior to co-founding Private Identity, Scott served as CTO for a large biometrics company, was a research profesor for 30 years and supported the US Government for 26 years. Scott has authored key patents and papers in machine learning, biometrics and authentication.